About Us

WJH Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2002 and incorporated in Virginia in 2004. Since inception, WJH’s core focus has been providing IT engineering and network architecture services tailored to meet the technology needs of our clients. With each client, WJH believes it is important to be a partner not just a vendor. WJH works with our clients to develop and deliver team oriented, requirements driven, and client focused solutions.


WJH staff is certified in Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware, F5, and Industry Security certifications. WJH engineers are trained in network architecture engineering, network security engineering, virtualization, network storage, information assurance, and network application integration.

Emerging technologies bring new challenges. WJH serves civilian and government agencies, providing subject matter expert services for unique IT needs. WJH assists clients with requirements definition and implementation solutions. WJH also supports clients in complete IT lifecycle management, developing network policy, hardware and software acquisition, implementation services, computer system management, system upgrades, and system re-architecture.


WJH’s engineering organization is separated into three core focuses:

  • IT Lifecycle Management
  • Security Consulting
  • Systems Engineering

Why WJH?

With over a decade of experience, WJH provides the proven experience required to provide network architecture services integrating high availability solutions with network security. WJH accomplishments include:

  • Engineering DMZ web server farm architectures servicing service hundreds of thousands of users with 99.999% availability.
  • Providing IT intrusion detection services identifying emerging threats through IPS, IDS, heuristics, application layer and firewalling for real-time threat response.
  • Network architecture engineering optimizing routing configurations, STP configurations, Network Access Controls, server load-balancing, network redundancy, and self-healing capabilities providing 99.999% production availability.
  • Enterprise-level Virtualization engineering and network storage engineering providing clients with a 75% reduction in utility, hardware, and management resource requirements.
  • Complete system engineering and comprehensive IT system management delivering a single turn-key IT solution for multi-network and multi-vendor integrations allowing customers 100% service availability.

WJH Team

WJH believes the workforce is the lifeblood of the organization. WJH encourages and promotes our employees to further their technical education, to provide the knowledge necessary to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients. Employee certification incentives and vendor training are available to WJH employees to advance continuing education. WJH staff is provided with comprehensive benefits packages to support employee health and wellness, allowing WJH to provide highly productive network engineering specialist. Our staff is trained in delivering client focused solutions centered on customer requirements, documentation creation, deliverable accomplishment, and adaptation to emerging directives.


Networking and Security

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